People of Service Together

POST helps people of service who are in need of guidance and support to deal with emotional and mental trauma that is unique to them. Through peer meetings, we strive to provide a safe outlet for First Responders and destigmatize the need for mental health outreach. 

Support for Stress and Trauma

Our Mission

We are First Responders providing other First Responders with peer support to combat the stress and cumulative trauma unique to the profession. 

First Responders

Who We Serve

We support current, former and retired Peace Officers, Firefighters, Military, Medics, Dispatchers and any First Responder that lives and works to serve others.

Safe, Supportive Peer Meetings

How We Serve

We facilitate group meetings in a secure and confidential environment. Group Leaders are trauma survivors who have benefitted from professional counseling.

Treatment Assistance

Our Vision

Our goal is to provide First Responders with financial assistance in obtaining counseling and treatment resources when needed.

Peer Support for First Responders is an effective treatment option

A survey of 8,000 active and retired peace officers reveals*:

*Survey conducted by Fraternal Order of the Police (FOP). Click here to read more.


Your support provides resources for First Responders to receive counseling, treatment and participate in retreats. Donations of time, space and financial gifts enable us to give back to those that give to others daily.

First Responders Mental Health is a Community Issue

A study by Lexipol reveals first responders are short-staffed and stressed, creating significant recruitment and retention challenges, suboptimal levels of resourcing, and increased negative impact on communities. Survey respondents reported not only the occupational hazards and downsides of staffing shortages, but the negative impact on personal health and public safety. Read the study.

 A Message from POST

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POST participated in "The Challenge" run honoring our fallen heroes.

The POST team finished 3rd among 50+ teams!